Inflatables & Simulators

Inflatables & Simulators

Inflatables & Simulators are great additions to any event either as a single activity or as part of a larger event.

We have inflatables to cover all age ranges from children's bouncy castles and play areas through to adult activities such as the Velcro Olympics or barfly.

Our range of simulators also means we have everything covered from a bucking bull to a vision racer, surf simulator to a batak wall.

For further details on our range of inflatables or simulators please see the details below or contact us for further information.


Snappy Large Slide

A self-explanatory inflatable where kids have hours of fun sliding down our huge slide.

Bouncing Boxing

Inflatable boxing ring, huge foam filled gloves and head gear now you are ready to box. Bounce 7 box till you drop. Two boxers try and knock each other whilst keeping their balance. - it's a knockout. Three knock downs, falls or collapsing in hysterics to decide the winner.

Bungee Challenge

Bungee cords, balls and bubbles are the amazing combination, which cause absolute mayhem. The teamwork together to collect the most balls before being 'pinged' back into the foam by the bungee.

Bouncy Castles

1 Castle - 20' x 21'

1 Castle - 15' x 15'

1 Adult Castle - 16' x 16'

Giant Slide

This is the big one! Climb up the steps to the 10' high platform and slide down the slippery slope. Ideal for all primary age children (and lots of big kids love it too!). 24' long, 14' wide and 20' high overall.


This is the biggest and best portable Laserquest system in Scotland. The main inflatable covers 900sq feet and has 17 rooms to explore. In the briefing area you and your team will kitted out with a target vest and laser gun before setting out to hunt for your opponents in the dark. Each gun keeps an individual score making this game suitable for team or individual competition. Supplied with operators this system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Speed Test

You have seen it on the television where the striker scores a goal and the replay calculates the speed of the strike. Now do it yourself with our Speed Test. Simply test the power of your shot by shooting into the cage. A state of the art digital visual display unit will give you a clear and accurate result of the speed of your shot.

Kids Ballpool

15' x 17' Bouncy Castle with two portholes at the front and ten thousand Plastic Balls awaiting your presence inside. Relax, unwind and enjoy floating on the balls.

Pirate Ship

A fully enclosed inflatable obstacle course themed like a pirate galleon, children scramble over inflated pirates, through the squeeze wall and barrels then through squeeze tubes more pirates then down the slide to the finish. A great feature of any event being our largest inflatable. Another excellent fundraiser comes complete with inflatable crowd barrier.

Velcro Olympics

A participation event that takes place on a large colourful inflatable 38ft long and 12ft wide. It has 2 lanes for competitive purposes using hoops, walls, tubes then under the scramble net and race to the finish to find the winner. You can make this assault course even more challenging by putting the adults in 'Velcro Suits' so they cling to the course.

Giant Inflatable Volleyball - The Popular Beach Game

This inflatable brings all the fun of volleyball to your next event.The ever popular and competitive beach sport of volleyball is great fun to play and is the perfect team game.

Pole Joust

Two competitors climb onto the padded pole and use the special pillows to knock each other off. Nothing could be simpler or more fun! Age 9 and over. 12' x 12' joust

Underwater Adventure

Our Underwater Adventure has two holes to climb through and once inside there are jumping dolphins and other sea creatures to run around and play with.

Jungle run

Inflatable assault course with a jungle theme. Crawl inside tunnels; squeeze through tubes, biff & bash, scramble up the net then down the slide. Ideal for it's a knockout and an excellent fundraiser (1500 participants per day possible)

Kangaroo Boxing

We have all seen Sumo Wrestling, now we have Kangaroo Boxing. Participants don the large padded kangaroo suits, wide brimmed aussie hats, boxing gloves and big feet and they are ready to box. Knock each other over or out of the ring and the match is yours

Human Demolition Zone

Four Checker plate pedestals, A Massive 1 Metre Diameter Wrecking Ball A 4 Person Game on this amazing inflatable with brilliantly detailed Artwork Ideal in Team Events. Knockout Challenges or simply just for Fun for all age groups Measures nearly 30' Square at 8.5 Metres x 8.5 Metres and Nearly 16' in height.

Penalty Shootout Competition

Running alongside the human table football competition will be a penalty shootout competition on a large inflatable.

Human Table Football

As the name suggests this is a huge version of table football, where people are strapped to the poles and play against each other. A very simple game to play, the team which scores the most goals in a certain period of time are the winners.

Pedestal Joust

Get rid of all those pent-up aggressions and rivalries in a fun and safe way. A true test of balance, strategy, and strength, and game for all of the family to enjoy. Two participants face each other on opposing pedestals, and with the aid of a soft ended Pole they attempt to topple each other. A large inflatable breaks the inevitable fall. The Event comes supervised.

Simulators & Activities

Crazy Golf

Crazy Golf is a go anywhere kind of game for all the family. This competitive crazy golf game is not quite the British Open but a hole in one is still an achievement.

Rodeo Bull

The Rodeo Bull spins, turns and bucks at controlled speeds, enabling everyone from a little girl to a rodeo expert to experience the thrill of the rodeo. Someone is at the controls of this mechanical beast and ensures a safe ride for everyone. The whole area around the Bull is surrounded by an inflatable mattress to provide a comfortable landing. All that is required is an electricity supply and the Bull will entertain your crowd throughout.

Spaceball Challenger

A go anywhere piece of equipment providing hours of fun either indoors or outdoors. No power is needed for this hand operated Spaceball, making it mobile and manoeuvrable. Suitable for any age. Liven up your event with this trailer mounted unit. It is ideal for any outdoor event. Great fun for children and adults.


Get into a multicoloured velcro suit and launch yourself at the Sticky Wall and a bit of practice could have you stuck upside down.

Sumo Wrestling

Contestants are kitted out in huge inflatable outfits to make them resemble the size of a Japanese Sumo Wrestler. They don a ceremonial wig and are all set to go. Three bouts to decide the winner. The aim is to down your opponent or push him outside the ring marked on the mat.

Saw Bones

The life like patient has ten cavities which are positioned all over his body and each cavity contains a body part, for example his 'Adams Apple' 'Tennis Elbow' and a 'Spare Rib'. Using the surgical tweezers provided, the player has to carefully remove all or as many of the ten body parts without touching the patients. Each player has 3 lives and every time the tweezers touch the patients body, the player then looses one of their 3 lives. Every time a player looses on of their lives they will hear humourous voices and sounds. If the player touches the patients body 3 times, then that is their last life, and they will be greeted with a very distinctive and familiar sound of an ambulance siren. During each game the player will hear a heart beat monitor, which simply adds to the pressure!

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