It's A Knockout

It's A Knockout

As guests arrive, the whole field will be like a sea of colour; coloured bunting marks the boundaries of the huge bright inflatables.

Our M/C will warm up guests with a number of exercises to minimise the chance of strains and pulls. They will give an introduction to the games and a running commentary throughout the event as teams take part.

We can adapt your day to meet your requirements, if you require it to last for a certain time we can arrange to play games at the same time, otherwise we would play them one or two at a time.

Participants have an all important joker which they can play at the start of any game to earn double points. Each team are also supplied with an itinerary so they know which games they are playing and when.

Team colour coded tee shirts can be included as an addition to the event.

It's A Knockout Game Examples Include:

Costume Capers

It's feeding time AT THE ZOO... Your team has to assist the giant penguin in collecting as many fish as possible for his dinner. It's no easy task with obstacles along the way.

Formidable Forest

Can you see the wood for the trees? If so, you might just complete this forest challenge. This team game will test you lumberjack skills to the limit as you struggle to get through the dense inflatable 'jungle' of tree stumps carrying your foam trunks.

Huge Tubes

There's water and foam a plenty in this amazing game of speed and slippery action. A relay based sprint where you will have to squeeze through the tubes complete with your giant foam fish finger.

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