Motorised Mayhem

Motorised Mayhem

Experience the thrill of Quad Bikes or Pilot Buggies as you race across the open countryside.

Broad Oak Events have a wide range of Outdoor Motorised activities for you to get your adrenaline fix from. From small groups to 150+ we can supply activities to suit your requirements that all important event.

Motorised activities can be supplied as stand alone activities or as part of a bigger event.On all activities, participants are given a thorough and comprehensive safety briefing before they are allowed to drive the vehicles.

Following a short practise, a friendly competition takes places with a small trophy presented to the winning driver.

Vehicles Include:

  • Pilot Buggies/Quad Bikes
  • Blindfold Driving
  • Off Road 4 x 4
  • Reverse Steer 4 x 4
  • Hovercrafts
  • Power Turns
  • J.C.B.
  • Rally Driving
  • Tractor and Trailer Driving
  • Pilot Buggies

Specially imported from the States, these are fast. They have a rear engine, and are fully roll-caged, off-road racers. Also known as Dune Buggies. This is normally the straightforward speed event, taking place on a purpose-designed course, where fastest laps are the objective.

Competitions are based on fastest times combined with assessed driving skills. However penalties are applied for course markers hit. A pilot relay race has been developed which is ideal for team events. Teams have to complete a number of laps in the fastest time. This is great fun especially on driver changeovers.

Quad Bikes

These are four wheeled motorcycles of virtually all-terrain capability and are great fun to drive. Normally a driving skills event based negotiating a specially designed course.

Off Road 4 x 4

Using modern, specialist 4 x 4 vehicles, participants will be taught by professional instructors the skills required to safely negotiate our demanding off road course. Competitors will then be assessed on their level of skills at the wheel, and scores awarded.

Reverse Steer 4 x 4

Using specially adapted four-wheel drive fiat pandas, we are able to offer a real challenge to co-ordination and lateral thinking. Competitors will be required to complete a specially designed obstacle course in the fastest possible time, using vehicles that turn left when turning right and right when turning left. Any possible forward mastery of the course will be drafted when attempted in reverse. Hilarious to watch, these vehicles can be operated in virtually any terrain.

Power Turns

Thrilling rear wheel drive off road dragsters. These are fully roll-caged vehicles, which can pull wheelies and can also spin by locking one of the back wheels. A great fun vehicle guests can go as fast or as slow as they want, a fastest time is recorded for the winner but extra points should be scored for artistic content.

Grass Karts

Just about anyone can drive one of our grass karts. They are easy to drive so no previous experience is needed, although as you will see a good driver can really make them fly. They are specially designed for driving on grass and provide you with exceptional comfort and safety.

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