Football Matrix

Football Matrix

A great team exercise where the teams are commissioned to build a rollercoaster capable of transporting a football along the track.

This exercise can easily accommodate numbers from 6 - 200+, basically the more teams the more dramatic the conclusion.

And don't forget, as in real life the teams have to be prepared for the unexpected.

Overview - Building the Matrix

Phase 1

You are to build a section of the Matrix in the form of a roller coaster track for your ball so that it rolls, unaided, from one side of the line of tape on the floor, to the other side.

Phase 2

Teams will need to relocate their Matrix where it should connect to another matrix from a different team. At the end of your Matrix your ball should physically strike a trigger mechanism which will eventually release the next ball on the next section of the Matrix. This should then commence rolling without any assistance from external sources.

Restrictions and Conditions

The teams have a number of rules and restrictions within the brief which they have to adhere to in order to be successful in the task.

You have until the given time to complete this task.

The winning team...

All teams must achieve their objectives, but will not succeed unless the ball travels over all of the tracks and adheres to all restrictions and conditions.

The Prime Directive - Have Fun

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