Hells Bells

Hells Bells

Hells Bells is the ideal game for addressing project management skills, team communication issues and exploring team dynamics. A uniquely different, non-competitive team-building event, the participants have to construct a series of mechanical sculptures that must be correctly aligned to automatically enact the discovered mediaeval story, pulling together the culmination of all the inherent cryptic clues and riddles.

This is typically a 2-3 hour indoor exercise which can cater for 10 - 400 people.

Participation in the game will result in the participants addressing various objectives, including:

  • Effective communication
  • Planning and Time management
  • Lateral thought
  • Co-operation
  • Leadership skills
  • Trust
  • Understanding and questioning instructions and parameters

There is one solution that the whole team is working towards. Hells Bells encompasses a wide range of different skills and disciplines including: Logic, music, word-craft, mathematics, lateral thought, organisational skills, construction skills, general knowledge, research ability, genealogy (family tree), spatial awareness, mechanics, and storytelling.

Nearly every challenge has a part to play (the "so what?" factor) in obtaining the final, overall solution.

No team can achieve any significant result if they work in isolation. For every challenge within the game, there is invariably more than one route to the solution, drawing on an alternative discipline.

The ending is spectacular and immensely satisfying for the participants, resulting in a genuine (and well-earned) sense of achievement!

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