Make A Million

Make A Million

Make A Million is a fast and furious competitive teambuilding event in which teams race to be the first to produce £1,000,000 in counterfeit banknotes.

On arrival, participants receive a special edition of the underworld's favourite newssheet - Espionage & Subversion for All. This sets the scene and outlines the dire situation facing the UK. The Millennium Bug has belatedly struck, causing a total collapse of the global economy. The rule of law has been overthrown. It's anarchy on the streets!

Survivors have formed syndicates - their aim: to flood the market with counterfeit money leading to a 'snowball effect'. The first syndicate to successfully print and circulate £1,000,000 will gain a controlling position in the emerging New Order.

Make A Million gets underway with each syndicate (2 to 3 participants) deciding upon their strategy. Equipment to build a covert printing press can be purchased from...The Independent Trading Co. (ask for "Del-Boy") who, naturally enough, are rather reluctant to trade in sterling. Gold, however, will do very nicely. Unfortunately, gold is in short supply so it won't be long before syndicates need to dispatch team members on gold-raising missions.

Earn 100 gold nuggets defusing terrorist bombs, cross the electric fence to steal a rare gemstone, or recover gold marked on an old map - fund-raising missions are challenging team exercises set up in and around your venue.

Only high quality counterfeits will be accepted at the Bank of Corruption & Commercial Ineptitude (BCCI). Syndicates need to ensure quality is maintained in banknote production lines. Regular updates keep everyone abreast of progress as syndicates' race towards the winning £million.

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