Operation Chaos

Operation Chaos

Operation Chaos is a work simulation, it is an exercise, which involves everyone, and everyone needs to input. Delegates are given an operating budget and are asked to achieve a measurable income by completing tasks for payment. Delegates will have to purchase items with their budget in order to complete some of the tasks. A financial summary is required both before the exercise and also after.

Learning Points

  • Assertiveness
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Trust
  • Handling Conflict
  • Negotiation
  • Planning
  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Project Brief

You are required to operate as one team, although you may set up sub teams to achieve desired outcomes.

The project objectives are:

  1. To work effectively as a team in achieving a measurable outcome.
  2. To achieve the greatest amount of profit using the available resources.

The project has three phases:


Planning stage where you are required to: * Review / clarify the information and establish objectives * Agree roles within your team * Set up a plan * Complete an income and profit forecast During this stage members of the team may not leave the work area.

Phase Two: DO

Once you have received sign-off for your forecast, you will be allowed to leave the venue and execute you plan. At the end of this phase you are to provide collated results for audit.

Phase Three: REVIEW

Your last task will be to review your performance and identify key learning points for application within this team back in the workplace. This is to be presented as a management summary including thoughts about team working and process.


You will find attached a list of tasks / activities / questions for your team to complete. Each task / activity carries an income value for successful completion. Each correct answer will score. Each income source may be used once only.


The team's income and profit forecast must be presented in a concise format before any team member may leave this venue. You have a maximum operational budget of £1000 in order to purchase various resources available. You may not exceed your budget.

Rules & Penalties

The group have a number of rules to stick to and penalties to avoid.

Resources available

You have access to one vehicle. Booking of taxi will cost £10, plus £5 mile. A local map is available at a cost of £10. A Polaroid camera is available for hire at £30 - one available Radios cost £100 each Compass instruction is charged at £ 50.00 Compass £ 45.00


This is not a competition, a test or a race. Do not over stretch your resources. Please remember that this is a simulation only. Safety is a crucial success criterion and it is important the team takes care of itself. Pay particular attention to road safety. Each person leaving must take with them an emergency number.

Description Rules Evidence (if applicable) Income
A photo of seven team members near a river   Photo £100
All be at a Pub location by 1315 hours Food order must be phoned in 30 minutes before arrival   £1000
Visit point 'A' - Menu might be there Grid reference on board Photo must be taken £200
Complete the wooden puzzle Grid reference on board   £50
Obtain a railway ticket Valid for today Ticket £400
Visit point D - Recover object Grid reference on board Photo to be taken £100

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