Raft Building

Raft Building

This activity can be run as a standalone activity of as part of a wider project of activities.

If operated along side a programme of activities there is the opportunity to introduce a competitive element to the activities prior to the raft building where the teams are able to earn extra points. These points can them be transferred to a value for additional items which can be purchased to assist in the raft building exercise.

Teams will compete in a raft building exercise which will result in a Raft Race finale.

The delegates will work within their teams and following an initial safety brief and instruction they will begin to plan how they will build their raft.

Points can be awarded to for various elements of the exercise including planning, building and racing.

Once the planning stage has finished and the plans have been passed by the instructors the teams will gather their materials and begin building their raft.

As an added challenge we can restrict the amount of valuable materials available and make the team's auction for them before the build. The teams can use their points generated from the previous exercises to bid for the items which they deem necessary in order to complete their raft.

After the build stage the teams will put on their life jackets and ready themselves for the race.

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