Indoor Olympics

Indoor Olympics

Relive those childhood memories with our range of Big Boys Toys. These activities are great as a stand alone activity or as part of a round robin of activities.

Prizes can be awarded for the individual best performers on each activity.

Pitch 'N' Putt Golf

Guest's Test their pitching and putting on the 4 metre diameter artificial putting green, white rings indicate scoring zones the nearest the pin the higher the score. Groups of 6 at a time can compete using individual coded golf balls, scoring is calculated at the end of each round.

Static Laser Target Shooting

A new lasersport development offering an under cover alternative to clay targets.

There is a large camouflaged area with concealed clay pigeons, these will appear randomly on the command of 'Pull'. They travel in different directions and there is even a bolting rabbit. 5 people each have a gun and shoot at the targets, they are awarded points for a kill and speed of kill, which is displayed on a large score board.

Giant Scalextrics

We have a giant six-lane scalextrics track with state of the art features such as the latest cars and an electronic timer and lap counter. The race is won by whichever car completes a given number of laps first. Bets can also be put on the race and who ever wins the bet will receive the "kitty" of fun money.

Remote Control Vehicles

We have a number of variations for this event, using racing cars, monster trucks and "Big Foots". Either a straight-forward Grand Prix, with practise sessions for grid positions followed by a full race over a number of laps; or a Demolition Derby, where the last vehicle running wins. The layout is very professional, with full crash barriers, chicanes and the latest technology in equipment and vehicles. Companies can also have sponsors banners on the barriers.

Virtua Car Racing Twin Seater Simulators

The virtua car racing simulator has two seats, two screens and two sets of controls i.e. gears and steering wheel plus 'View Change' buttons. Each of the cars has its own colour and number, and on each of the driver's screens you can see the other racers, providing they are close together on the track. There is a choice of circuits, an automatic or 7 speed manual gearbox and there is feedback through the steering wheel when cornering, crashing or driving over the rumble strip.

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