Millionaire By Midnight

Millionaire By Midnight

Enjoy all the fun of Las Vegas without the damage to your bank balance!

Our Fun Casinos are a great addition to any event and provide hours of entertainment.

Fun money is handed out to guests as they arrive for the evening or during coffee and our Casino Manager/MC then opens the Casino, introducing the tables and explaining the format.

The guests are challenged by the Casino Manager to find a 'Millionaire by Midnight' and the guest with the most money/chips at the end of the evening is proclaimed the winner and wins a prize.

Guests may partake on any of the gaming tables as they become available. The amount of spectators around each table adds to the atmosphere. For any novice players the croupiers will happily explain how to play each game.

Choice of Tables Include:


Probably the best known casino game and the easiest to play. Odds are based on even money to 1- 35, you may bet on as many numbers as you wish.


This game is fast moving and great fun, dice are thrown by the 'shooter' if they throw a 7 or 11 they win, if it is a 2, 3 or 12 the dice must be passed to the next player.

Black Jack

Another easy game to follow, guests play against the dealer, the objective is to accumulate a score of 21 with your cards. If the dealer deals himself 16 or less he must draw another card, but he must stay on 17 or over. If the dealer goes bust, then all of the players in the game get a pay out.


A game of skill and bluff, guests have to decide how much they are willing to gamble on the cards they hold against the cards they think the other players may have.

Wheel of Fortune

Guests place bets on the number they think the wheel will stop at. We can accommodate single table bookings up to 10+ tables, whatever your needs we have got it covered.

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