Murder She Wrote

Murder She Wrote

Broad Oak murders are primarily fun entertainment events - and not heavy sleuthing. Each plot is unique but the same successful pattern is used.

The mystery begins during pre-dinner drinks as suspicious characters mingle with the guests.

When the guests are seated ready for dinner they will find a pen and a notebook ready for them with a short description of the scenario on the front cover. There is also a quiz - the answers of which spell a clue.

There is also a limerick competition for the mischievous minded.

An introductory scenario of about 7-10 minutes duration sets the scene and the mystery begins. A murder may happen at any time.

The actors mingle amongst the guests giving clues and allowing them to be questioned - during the course of the evening further clues arise and are circulated.

Short, amusing and dramatic scenes occur between the courses.

During coffee the would-be sleuths complete their solution cards. These are then submitted individually or as a team if preferred.

The denouement is then announced, with suitable limericks! - Prizes may be rewarded.

Murder Mystery Examples

We have a wide range of Murder Mystery themes to choose from or we can customise a murder to suit your event or company. 'Guest Actor' roles can also be incorporated to include members of your group.

  • Tragedy at the Manor
  • Chicago Gangsters
  • Medieval Mayhem
  • The Treasure of Cutthroat Island
  • Double 'O' Kill
  • Costa Del Crime

Murder Mysteries can also be tailored to suit any client's requests.

Chicago Gangsters

It is the opening of Fettucinis new nightclub; Charlie and Vinny two of New Yorks biggest knobs have come over to celebrate the occasion with owner Donnatella and her surrogate daughter Tina Macarena. But there is more news to come; it is also the beginning of a big financial deal for them all... A money laundering franchise... however the celebrations are very short lived as events take a turn for the worse when somebody quite unexpectedly dies...

Tragedy at the Manor

The Lord is having a party all the lords and ladies have been invited, the waiting staff are on hand for anything that should be required. The butler is being picked on, the housekeeper is being her usual stern self and the maid her usual not that bright self, everything is going swimmingly until a shot is heard in the grounds "it's the lord, he's dead! Who would want to do this?"

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