Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing

Now you can experience the thrills, spills and excitement of real stock car racing with Micro Stock Car Racing!

Imagine racing your favourite Winston-Cup stock car on a banked oval speedway at scale speeds of over 200 mph! You're in complete control as you head into the high speed banked curve, your left hand gripping the full size steering wheel, your right hand on the shifter, your heart pounding as you go into turn 2 with the throttle wide open - when all of a sudden it happens - a car taps you from behind as he tries to nose past on the inside - sending your car spinning up the track, out of control and into the wall as another car t-bones you when you slide in front of him. No Worries! You may be a lap down, but you're not out. Just shift into reverse and you're back in action!

There are two different types of race event on offer:

Sprint Racing

Stock Car Racing is the perfect after-dinner entertainment. Throughout the evening we run practice sessions and 3 minute Sprint Heats to determine the best drivers. Then towards the end of the event, we recall the top six drivers from the leader board for the Grand Final. During the Heats the cars are set at a slower speed so drivers can get to grips with the controls, but for the Final the cars are tuned up to run at maximum speed for a crowd pleasing, action packed Demolition Derby! Trophies are awarded to the top three drivers who survive the final mayhem.

Team Endurance

This format of racing is perfect for team building events, requiring teamwork; strategy and co-ordination. The teams take part in practice, developing their skills behind the wheel. During the race teams have to score as many laps as possible in the allotted time, changing drivers at regular intervals while their cars race round the track. Tactics come into play as the teams have to make pit stops for more fuel, damage repairs and to have their car boosted for more power, increasing the top speed. At the end of the race, trophies are awarded to the top three teams with the most laps. We can run this format to suit your requirements, from 15 minute races to the gruelling hour long Stock Car Racing 500 Endurance.

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