On arrival, guests will be welcomed by a pirate juggler who will juggle with both fire and fruit; he will also do some fire eating and fire breathing. He will also mix and mingle during the evening to entertain the guests.

We will have two palm trees as guests enter the room with serving staff in tropical dress who will present a lei to each guest. (Grass skirts will be available for the more adventurous guests.)

Suns and streamers will decorate the walls. In the corner of the room will be a 12' x 8' backdrop of a beach scene, in front of which will be a 10ft red fishing boat with nets, fish, ropes and barrels.

We will have a 30ft x 10ft backdrop of a beach scene across the back wall. The Caribbean band will be in front of the backdrop.

The ceiling will be a mass of coloured streamers radiating from paper suns, which will be location throughout the ceiling.

Bar Area

We intend to make the Bar into a beach bar. The front of the bar will be covered with bamboo, and there will be a thatched roof, Leis will hang from the bamboo and the roof. Giant paper fruit including bananas, pineapples and lemons will be placed around the Bar area.

Table Centres

The table centres will consist of a basket with a pineapple, the pineapple will have exotic flowers, straws and leaves sticking out from it. Fastened to the basket will be 3 helium filled balloons in the Caribbean colours. To finish the effect there will be confetti palm trees sprinkled on the tables.

Room decorations

There will be tethered balloons and paper fruits around the walls of the room and garlands will kris-cross the ceiling over the tables.

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