Haunted House

Haunted House

As guests drive down the long stately drive, they will see the magnificent Hall. Pumpkin lanterns light the driveway.

Pre-dinner drinks are served from smoking cauldrons by footmen in period costume.

A close hand magician, dressed as a vampire will entertain guests as they enjoy their drinks. And a storyteller will tell his tales of the spooks and spectres that have been, and could be encountered by unsuspecting guests.

A stone statue stands in one corner; now was it a trick of the light or did it move?

Call for dinner. Guests are summoned through a door which looks like it hasn't been opened for years, it is all overgrown with vines and other foliage and a strange mist is seeping from underneath. It opens with a prolonged creak.

The host a character based on old father time will welcome guests, "Its been so long since I had guests" he screeches.

As guests enter the dining room a chill will run down their spine as they can see this once elegant room hasn't been used for years. Cobwebs adorn all corners and shapeless dust-sheets cover all the furniture and disguise what may be lurking within the room. Large Candelabras and barrels stand around the room with candles blazing, and providing hiding places for rats and spiders that use this place as home. The tables are laid for dinner, with black table cloths and each one has candelabra, which has become a victim of the ever-advancing army of cobwebs and moss that has invaded this sealed room over the years. Halloween masks will be on each table should guests wish to hide their face.

Hanging from the ceiling will be an assortment of Bats and Skeletons, and there will a large Halloween backdrop, with coffins and monsters.

The string quartet in the gallery will have their 'dust sheets' removed and will entertain guests with their music.

After coffee has been served guests are invited to play on the casino with the casino chips which have been left on the table in little bags for each guest. The close hand magician and storyteller will resume entertaining guests.

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