James Bond

James Bond

The following evening is based on 200 guests, with drinks reception followed by dinner and entertainment.

The Format:

Guests have pre-dinner drinks in the lounge and are met and greeted by two bond girls. Guests are seated of dinner in the adjoining restaurant. Two 'fiends' burst into the room letting off a flutter fetti cannon and kidnap Funnypenny. She is led out screaming that they have the company computer disc with all the growth plans for the next 5 years.

One of the boss's asks what they should do now - a Bond girl says not to worry, that she will call for Bond and will dial 007. After a short conversation she informs guests to go through for dinner and Bond will meet them soon.

Guests are seated, lights go down and a 2-minute montage of Bond action sequences is shown on to the 8' x 6' screen. As it finishes Bond enters - Arfur Bond 003.5; James is away and has sent his half brother in his place.

After a short scene he asks for the ransom note to find there is not one. Enter Funnypenny all dishevelled; the fiends have let her go but keep the disc. She has the ransom demands,

Arfur reads them out, it is a comical note demanding £10m by the end of the evening or the fiends will sell it to the highest bidder and blow up the hotel. Arfur tells guests not to fear he will assist them to raise the money. Each guest will then be given an amount of fun money which they can use on the Casino Tables. Guests then may play on the casino tables at their leisure to win more fun money.

At the end of the evening the Arfur asks the guests to pool their winnings to see if there is enough to pay the ransom. The person who individually wins the most money will also win a prize. Arfur announces the fiends have made contact and that Funnypenny must go to meet them whilst the exchange is completed. She goes and Arfur moves forward and declares Funnypenny is his heroine, he declares her love for him and as he moves to kiss her she knocks him to the floor...

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