Saturday Night At The Movies - Awards Evening

Saturday Night At The Movies - Awards Evening

Each of the tables will the laid out with a white tablecloth which will have a black overlay and black serviettes within white napkins.

In the centre of each table the will be a 12' diameter plinth in black with awards statue, clapperboard, masks, feathers and 5 helium filled, latex balloons to each in black and gold. Each table will have confetti and party poppers for guests.

Guests meet for pre dinner drinks and are then called through for dinner; they will enter the room down a red carpet which will be flanked by crowd control barriers to separate guests from the screaming fans. A member of the paparazzi will be on hand to simulate taking photographs of guests as they enter.

Guests enter the room past 3 bouncers who will be checking for names on the guest list. Two 8' high golden pillars with 15' high lettering Welcome to Hollywood sign will be over the door.

To decorate the room there will be a selection of areas that represent various film types. Western, James Bond, Futuristic, Gangster/Action and Romance.

Each Section will have a painted backdrop with film titles that represents the type of film and cut out celebrities famous for those roles. Each area will have an activity for guests for participate in:

  • The Western area will have a John Wayne Quick Draw machine with a costumed operator.
  • The James Bond area will have 2 Casino Tables and croupiers.
  • The Futuristic area will have a futuristic Giant Scalextrics with two costumed operators.
  • The Gangster/Action area will have a Cork Gun Shooting Gallery.
  • The Romance area will have a Fortune Teller waiting to reveal to guests whether they have a tall, dark handsome stranger about to enter their life.

A stage will be set up in the room and this will have its own lighting rig surrounding it, as well as at lectern on it from where the presentation can be made. To add another piece of Hollywood glitz there will be a spotlight to follow guests as they make their way to the stage. There will also be Star cloth to create a very dramatic effect on the stage, which will give a fitting backdrop to the awards ceremony. On either side of the stage there will be a 6' high on 2' high pedestals Awards statues (Oscar style).

During dinner the disco will play music and songs from famous movies. Between courses of the meal a close hand magician will entertain guests at their tables.

After dinner our MC will host the awards ceremony and a Quiz, then a disco will provide the music for guests to dance the night away and a karaoke will be available for guests to have a go.

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