30 striped deck chairs now available to hire! Please contact our sales team for an up to date guide to our new activities...

30 striped deck chairs now available to hire! Please contact our sales team for an up to date guide to our new activities...

Motorised Mayhem

Experience the thrill of Quad Bikes or Pilot Buggies as you race across the open countryside.

Broad Oak Events have a wide range of Outdoor Motorised activities for you to get your adrenaline fix from. From small groups to 150+ we can supply activities to suit your requirements that all important event.

Motorised activities can be supplied as stand alone activities or as part of a bigger event.On all activities, participants are given a thorough and comprehensive safety briefing before they are allowed to drive the vehicles.

Following a short practise, a friendly competition takes places with a small trophy presented to the winning driver.

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Field Sports

Broad Oak Events have a number of specialised outdoor Field Sports activities to suit all ages and abilities

The activities can all be run as either a stand alone event or as part of a Multi Activity event.

Professional instruction and supervision is provided with all activities to allow participants to get the most out of their activity time.

Each activity allows the opportunity for a practise before the participants compete in a friendly competition. A small trophy is provided for the best performer on each activity.

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Sports Day

Teams will be split into 10 of 12 guests per team and participate in the following activities: The teams invent there own House names and elect a head of house (Team Captain)

The day is complete with the Headmaster MC and PA to play music while the games commence.

The winning team is the one to collects the most house points after the rotation of activities.

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It's A Knockout

As guests arrive, the whole field will be like a sea of colour; coloured bunting marks the boundaries of the huge bright inflatables.

Our M/C will warm up guests with a number of exercises to minimise the chance of strains and pulls. They will give an introduction to the games and a running commentary throughout the event as teams take part.

We can adapt your day to meet your requirements, if you require it to last for a certain time we can arrange to play games at the same time, otherwise we would play them one or two at a time.

Participants have an all important joker which they can play at the start of any game to earn double points. Each team are also supplied with an itinerary so they know which games they are playing and when.

Team colour coded tee shirts can be included as an addition to the event.

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Team Challenge

The Team Challenge is a perfect team event. It is a tailor made event to suit your exact needs.

With the group split into teams they will rotate in a round robin format around your chosen activities. Individual scores will be recorded for the teams as they progress with prizes and/or trophies awarded at the end to the best performers.

This event can accommodate any numbers from small groups or 6 - 10 people up to 300+.

Activities can be chosen from any section so you can have a perfect mix of motorised, field and other activities to suit the requirements of your event.

The Team Challenge as with all of the activities can be tailored to a specific time frame, whether it's a couple of hours after a meeting or a full day.

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Inflatables & Simulators

Inflatables & Simulators are great additions to any event either as a single activity or as part of a larger event.

We have inflatables to cover all age ranges from children's bouncy castles and play areas through to adult activities such as the Velcro Olympics or barfly.

Our range of simulators also means we have everything covered from a bucking bull to a vision racer, surf simulator to a batak wall.

For further details on our range of inflatables or simulators please see the details below or contact us for further information.

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